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Welcome To CFC

At Chef Faisal, we're not just about creating exquisite culinary experiences; we're about redefining the essence of culinary artistry. Our journey, spearheaded by the visionary Chef Faisal, intertwines passion with innovation to set new benchmarks in the culinary world.

Our Mission

To inspire and innovate in the culinary industry, setting new standards of excellence and creativity.

Our Vision

To be the leading culinary consultancy, transforming kitchens and dining experiences globally.

Our Story

Chef Faisal's odyssey in the culinary realm is a testament to dedication, creativity, and excellence. From groundbreaking kitchen designs to strategic menu development, our consultancy has become synonymous with culinary innovation and operational efficiency. We pride ourselves on transforming culinary visions into tangible successes.

Team members

Chef Faisal
Founder and CEO of Chef Faisal Consultancy

Chef Faisal, a former investment banker turned CEO of Chef Faisal Consultancy, has used his extensive leadership and educational background—including a Master’s degree in Business and International Studies and a Diploma in Hospitality Management—to redefine the culinary landscape. As a respected member of the World Master Chefs Society and FCSI Europe, Africa, and Middle East (EAME), and currently serving as the Head of Consultants and Chairman of the Industry Committee at ZADK Academy, Chef Faisal has guided entrepreneurs from modest beginnings to establishing million-worth enterprises in the food industry. His unique blend of business acumen and culinary innovation continues to set industry standards and inspire culinary excellence worldwide.

Mohammad A. Siyam
Head of Operations and Business Development

Meet Mohammad A. Siyam, our seasoned Business Development and Management Consultant at Chef Faisal Consultancy. With over 15 years of experience, Mohammad is a master in change management and building strong business relationships. His strategic approach and hands-on experience have been pivotal in enhancing operational efficiency and profitability across diverse industries. Mohammad's deep understanding of business dynamics and his dedication to fostering successful ventures make him an invaluable member of our consultancy team.

Omar Sartawi

Meet Omar Sartawi, a distinguished Consultant at Chef Faisal Consultancy. A regional food artist with a rich background in design and culinary arts, Omar is celebrated for his avant-garde approach to the culinary arts. His groundbreaking work at the intersection of food and fashion has garnered widespread acclaim. Specializing in luxury hotels, Omar's fervent dedication to revealing the intrinsic beauty of fruits and vegetables brings a unique and sophisticated flair to our team. His innovative contributions continue to set new standards of excellence in the luxury culinary landscape.

Garry Marshall
Seasoned Professional

Garry Marshall, a seasoned professional with 40 years in the Hotel and Catering Industry, holds a Master's Certificate from Cornell University. His expertise in menu and revenue management has significantly elevated the dining experience in several high-profile establishments. As a consultant, Garry excels at refining menus, optimizing production, and enhancing operational efficiency. With his strategic approach to calendar events, he skillfully maintains customer interest and fosters repeat business, continually driving success across the industry.

Ali Dajani
Culinary Expert

Introducing Ali Dajani, our culinary expert with a rich background in the food industry. His leadership skills and expertise in crafting exceptional menus, implementing sustainable practices, and driving business success make him a dynamic addition to our consultancy team. Ali's entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to culinary excellence are at the core of his professional ethos.

Adel El Ghetany
Hospitality Veteran

Meet Adel El Ghetany, a distinguished hospitality veteran with over four decades of extensive experience, including significant tenure as an executive chef in numerous 5-star hotels. His expertise spans fine dining, casual themes, high-volume outlets, and banquets. Adel is celebrated for his exceptional leadership, team-building skills, and operational proficiency. His unwavering commitment to top-notch food quality and service standards, coupled with his expertise in training programs and menu planning, makes him a standout addition to our consultancy team.

Rehab Elgendy
Media and Marketing Manager

Rehab Elgendy, our accomplished Media and Marketing Manager, boasts over 7 years in the digital marketing realm. Beginning as a Copywriter, she evolved into a strategic planner, adept at project management and successful team leadership. Rehab excels in articulating effective marketing plans, achieving KPIs, and enhancing overall customer satisfaction. Her expertise extends to SEO-optimized content creation, showcasing a rich and impactful work history.

Ashok G. Shetty
Admin & Purchase Manager

Ashok G. Shetty, our seasoned Admin & Purchase Manager, has over 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry. He swiftly advanced through the ranks to manage multiple high-end dining establishments. Ashok excels at operational management, team leadership, and customer service excellence. He specializes in inventory control, cost management, and ensuring compliance with safety standards, reflecting a robust and influential career trajectory.

Career Opportunities

Looking for a dynamic culinary career? Check out our Career Opportunities page for the chance to join Chef Faisal's innovative team. We are always looking for passionate individuals who are eager to push the boundaries of culinary excellence and creativity.

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Office 32 Building 3755 Road 2764 Block 527 Saar, 973, Kingdom Of Bahrain