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Entaj Foods

Saudi Arabia

Entaj Foods, renowned for their quality poultry products, has formed a strategic partnership with us at CFC for their marinated chicken range. This collaboration underscores our shared commitment to culinary excellence and innovation in the food industry. Entaj Foods, a leading name in the poultry sector, continues to enhance its offerings through this joint venture, reflecting a mutual dedication to superior quality and flavor.

Code co

Saudi Arabia

CODE CO stands out in the food and beverage industry for its team-driven approach and exceptional efficiency. Their dedicated workforce is united by a shared vision and passion for achieving collective goals. This collaborative ethos enables CODE CO to excel in delivering high-quality food and beverage solutions, harnessing the power of teamwork to drive productivity beyond individual capabilities.


Saudi Arabia

Soltree, a distinguished client of ours at CFC, redefines the healthy dining experience. Their innovative approach focuses on nutritional balance and whole food ingredients, proving that healthy eating can be both delightful and satisfying. Embracing a lifestyle that transcends traditional dieting, Soltree exemplifies our commitment to clients who prioritize well-being and culinary enjoyment.

& Salad

Saudi Arabia

And Salad, celebrated by CFC for their innovative salad creations, exemplifies a commitment to healthy, fresh dining. Their approach aligns with our ethos at CFC, celebrating clients who prioritize nutritious and delightful meal choices.


Saudi Arabia

Awaar Restaurant, renowned in Tabuk and Riyadh for their exceptional smoked meats, is a valued client of CFC. We provided them with expert menu engineering and training, enhancing their unique culinary offerings, including their specialty in brisket.

Llama Café

Saudi Arabia

Llama Café, a cozy and inviting spot in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, is a key client of ours at CFC. Renowned for their delightful brunch and coffee offerings, Llama Café's ambiance is further accentuated by the kitchen design we provided. This collaboration highlights our shared dedication to creating welcoming spaces where quality food and great coffee meet exceptional design and comfort.


Saudi Arabia

Phill, a distinctive culinary spot in Riyadh known for 'Phill[ing] Gaps' in the dining experience, is a proud client of CFC. We provided them with expert Menu Engineering and Training, contributing to their reputation for quality and innovation. Phill's commitment to culinary excellence makes them a standout in the food scene, reflecting the effectiveness of our collaboration.


Saudi Arabia

Located in Riyadh, Laof is an esteemed client of CFC, where we've enhanced their culinary operations through Menu Engineering, Training, Kitchen Design, and Product Cost analysis. Laof's dedication to quality and service in the Riyadh food scene is exemplified through our comprehensive collaboration, showcasing their commitment to excellence.

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